PowPedia - Business Plan

Business Plan

"If your business is not on the internet, then your business will soon be out of BUSINESS"
    - Bill Gates

Entry Fee

  • Mini Powpedian $2 (N1000)
  • Powpedian Package  $10 (N5000)
  • Super Powpedian Package  $30 (N15000)

Nigeria Dollar rate Here: $1 = N500

Our compensation plan is built upon the highly profitable 2*10 forced matrix marketing system which is meant to put amazing residual income into your pocket as each new member in your link meets you at any level in the system.

It's a Automatic Follow Me Matrix with spillover and spillunder effects!!!

You don’t need to wait for a level to fill up before you receive your money, but you receive it immediately every single person or member comes to join you in the system. And whenever you complete an level, you are rewarded with great BONUS and Amazing POW FUND to start you Business or invest in your business.

Powpedia is able to works with multiple membership type with customizable commission for each membership type. You get the commissions and reward in every level.  Please see the examples below, this example work for sponsor commission which is 20% of every plan purchased

Example: Powpedia Plans and Referral Compensation (%20)

1. Mini Powpedian cost: $2 (N1000)
Commission: $0.40 (N200)

2. Powpedian cost $10 (N5000)
Commission: $2 (N1000)

3. Super Powpedian cost $30 (N15000)
Commission: $6 (N3000)

Peter (Mini Powpedian) refer John (Super Powpedian) -> Peter get $6 (N3000)
Peter (Mini Powpedian) refer Kennedy (Powpedian) -> Peter get $2 (N1000)
Peter (Mini Powpedian) refer Musa (Mini Powpedian) -> Peter get $0.40 (N200)

Emeka (Powpedian) refer Moses (Super Powpedian) -> Emeka get $6 (N3000)
Emeka (Powpedian) refer Juliet (Powpedian) -> Emeka get $2 (N1000)
Emeka (Powpedian) refer Nancy (Mini Powpedian) -> Emeka get $0.40 (N200)

John (Super Powpedian) refer Marry (Super Powpedian) -> John get $6 (N3000)
John (Super Powpedian) refer Robert (Powpedian) -> John get $2 (N1000)
John (Super Powpedian) refer Abdul (Mini Powpedian) -> John get $0.40 (N200)

1. Mini Powpedia Level Commissions

2. Powpedia Level Commissions

****Remember you earn at any level you have any upgraded member!
****Rentry Fee $40 (N20,000) (Can be deducted from your account or you can pay cash)

3. Super Powpedia Referrals Commissions

****Remember you earn at any level you have any upgraded member!
****Rentry Fee $80 (N40,000) (Can be deducted from your account or you can pay cash)

Restart/ Cycle the matrix following the sponsor!

                                                                         Be PowPedian Hero!

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop"

Sponsor Information

Name: Yakso Sunday Dung

Location: Jos - Nigeria

Phone : 09063154887

Why Be PowPedian?

->Trusted Company

->Free Website and host (Domain ext. .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq)

->Regular seminars and live Trainings

->Low Cost but Powerful affiliate system

->Regular reseach Ebooks updates

->Free lifetime incredible support and Business consultation

->Creating success Entrepreneurs

->Unlimited Passive Income

->Pow Fund of $2000


Live Support

SMS only +2349020625056 


Auta Kuturanki :
Powpedia is a place to be
" With the rate of unemployment and hardship, powpedia is what we need to make ends meet.. if you are not a powpedian yet then you are not ready to make some cash. Auta Kuturanki Email : autakuturanki@gmail.com Phone : 09032417746 "

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